Parasocial Bereavement: Where do they Turn when their Soap Opera Friends Depart?  The Florida Communication Journal Volume 45, No. 1, Spring 2017

This study surveyed the depth of the Parasocial Relationships which soap opera viewers experience. This research queried the choices of the 221 respondents, and these findings reveal that some sufferers may experience Parasocial Bereavement as a result of their permanently severed parasocial relationships. Almost a quarter of the participants were males and they exhibited slightly higher parasocial attachment than women. Most respondents characterized their parasocial loss as similar to the loss of a close friend and 80% reported missing their cancelled soaps all the time even though the shows were cancelled many years ago.

From Hope and Change to Anger and Anxiety: Demagoguery and Discourse in the 2016 Primary Elections.   National Communications Conference Presentation (NCA) 

This essay deconstructs the 2016 political campaign discourse of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump through the prisms of demagoguery and polarizing propaganda theory. It finds that both candidates employ the techniques of passionate appeals, use vague, loaded terms and negative ethical persuasion that involve fear, anxiety and emotional appeals. Both rely on polarizing rhetoric to reinforce their outsider ethos and to separate themselves from a dysfunctional and abusive political mainstream. 

Social Media-Driven Propaganda: In the Crosshairs of the Black Flag.  Journal of Communications Media Studies

Most Americans became cognizant of the “Black Flag” in August of 2014 when the Islamic State filled Twitter feeds, Facebook, and YouTube channels with videos of beheadings, recruitment messages, Jihadist diatribes, and gruesome images. This article asserts that social media propaganda of the deed (SMPOTD) has altered Lasswell’s communication model since legacy media is bypassed, and there is no ability to control the messages. The model itself must evolve to represent that SMPOTD may represent both the medium and the horrific message.

Power to the People: Crowdsourcing and the Ascent of Machiavellian Ethics in Journalism. Florida Communications Conference 

The essay seeks an understanding of the value of crowdsourcing and citizen journalism as a communication tool, to evaluate the growth of its usage, and to discern the ethical implications of crowdsourcing for journalistic purposes. This paper proposes that journalism is evolving from a Rossian-based duty ethics into a form of Machiavellian consequentialism.

Gender in Business Magazines as Portrayed on the Covers of U.S. and Egyptian Business Magazines. Laurel Highlands Communications Conference, Indiana, Pa.  April 2016. Group presentation.

 The Impact of Bridging Social Capital on Select Populations.  Panel Presentation. Laurel Highlands Communications Conference, Indiana, Pa.  April 2015.

Social Media Propaganda Battle. Individual presentation. Laurel Highlands Communications Conference (LHCC), Indiana, Pa.  April 2015.