Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D. Communication Media and Instructional Technology, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, Pa. 2019. Dissertation, Recognition and Perceptions of Native Advertising in Media.

Certificate of Online Teaching Excellence, University of North Carolina Pembroke, N.C. 2020, 2023.

M.A. and B.A. Journalism and Mass Communication, Point Park University, Pittsburgh, Pa.



ASST. PROFESSOR OF JOURNALISM AND MASS COMMUNICATION, the University of North Carolina at Pembroke, North Carolina, 2018 – present. Student Newspaper adviser and the Student Publications Board. 2018-2019 Campus Engagement and Leadership Award.

I have instructed the following courses:

JRN 4600 Investigative Journalism. This capstone course provides experience in researching and writing nonfiction articles suitable for multimedia publication, using forms, styles, and subject matter appropriate for the tradition known as investigative journalism. This intensive course has students research, select, and collaborate on investigative pieces. Then each student writes a standalone own investigative piece. Students gain experience in interview techniques, video and still photography, mapping and production.

JRN 4100 Web Journalism. New Media. Producing stories for converged media. Students create a WordPress website, blog, audio/podcast, readable video, and online content including infographics, multimedia storytelling, and social media. The students acquire data journalism techniques including mapping, scraping the web, working with Excel budgets, data visualizations, and design. The course introduces news, features, photography, and videos for the web, blogs, and social media. Discussions include internet linking strategies, SEO, the use of reliable online resources for research, and convergence. 

JRN 3250 Sports Journalism. Students learn to interview, cover, and report on sporting events and write sports features, columns, and create infographics. The course explores the genre of multimedia sports journalism and prepares students for the immediate needs of online and social media reporting.

JRN3200 Photojournalism. Basic visual and technical aspects of photojournalism including composition, ISO, aperture and shutter speed. The photographic coverage of news, sports, features, events, and other newspaper, magazine, and public relations subjects. Students create a photo story and a photo essay and explore the social documentary tradition. Students enjoy learning advanced techniques like shutter drag and mastering challenging lighting situations.

JRN3060 Media Editing. Newsrooms staffed by managed by experienced editors have disappeared from the media landscape. This has necessitated the need for all professional writers to be fluent in the editorial process. This course focuses on the value of editing as an
essential skill for individual writers and managers. The goal is to improve the writing of journalists, editors, social media professionals and bloggers.

JRN 3050 Feature Writing. Practical experience in writing in‑depth feature articles for online and print newspapers, magazines and websites. Students learn to distinguish writing techniques used in news and feature writing and to capture and hold the reader’s attention through quality ledes, transitions, literary devices, pacing, and other writing techniques.

JRN 3010 News Writing and Reporting. Prepares students to accurately write and gather news, to work under deadlines, professional standards, and ethical practices. The students learn about the basics of the inverted pyramid and the narrative style of writing. They gain experience in beat writing and covering various types of stories.

MCM 2500 Film Appreciation.  A holistic examination of feature films and their impact on culture and society.  While the emphasis is given to the American film experience, global perspectives are examined.  Course foundations begin with the evolution of film and the historical development of the discursive techniques used to convey meaning to audiences. 

MCM 2100 Introduction to Mass Communication. An examination of the channels used to communicate. Communications theories are presented through a historical survey and a review of current media. Media literacy is a focus along with media ethics, the business of media, native advertising, fake news, and a historical view of the media landscape.

JRN 1610-4620 et al. Newspaper Production. This practicum-type course introduces students to newspaper writing, interviewing, InDesign, photography, podcasting and AP style.

MCM 4900 Independent Study Journalistic Writing for News. The student works closely with the instructor to create five long-form journalistic news or feature articles with high content standards over the semester.



JOUR 593 Applied Mass Communication Research Methods. This graduate course teaches the conduct of communication research, including topic choice, developing research questions and hypotheses, selecting among quantitative and qualitative methods, collecting evidence, analyzing data, and presenting the results. This class takes the student from their literature review to the design of their study.

JOUR 412 Media Ethics. This course examines the ethical issues in modern media, including their historical context and practical ramifications. The course compares ethical standards and systems with professional processes, practices and legal principles. The course is a historical survey of ethicists/philosophers and included considerable classroom interactions.

JOUR 150 Journalistic Writing. This course is a requirement for all Communication majors. It stresses writing for various media in a journalistic style. The course covers news writing for different platforms, feature writing, Q & As, profile pieces, multimedia, and mobile.

JOUR 101 Survey of Mass Communications. Visual Communication Module. The students study the history of film and photography, photojournalism, photo ethics, and social media.

JOUR 101 Survey of Mass Communications. Print Module. Subject matter includes the invention of the printing press and its historical implications. The course includes video and hands-on activities.

JOUR 103 Visual Communication Design. I instructed a three-hour class on introduction to design, Photoshop, and typography.

UNIV 101 City-University Life. This course is designed for all University first-year full-time students to help them develop essential skills for success and prepare them to apply knowledge to achieve their goals as students living in Pittsburgh’s diverse urban community.



COM 442 Newswriting Electronic Media. This course helps students to acquire the skills necessary to gather news, conduct interviews, and write scripts for electronic media. The emphasis is writing for the eye and ear in a multimedia environment. Students create a PSA for broadcast and online, NPR-style radio feature and write scripts from video.

COM 340 Newswriting. This course is writing intensive and assists students in identifying stories, conducting interviews, gathering news, researching, and writing for convergent media. Students learn about plagiarism and ethics in a multimedia environment.

COM 249 News Reporting. This course emphasizes beat reporting and recognizing, gathering, and writing news. Students studied news story structure, lede writing, ethics, and headlines.


Graduate Assistant, The Innocence Institute, Point Park University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 2011 – 2013

The Innocence Institute, a nationally renowned non-profit, employed investigative journalism to investigate the innocence claims of convicts. During my two years with the Innocence Institute, I handled day-to-day operations, reviewed inmates’ claims of innocence, and interviewed witnesses, prisoners, and attorneys. I implemented, updated, and consolidated the Amicus computer database for the cases and migrated data to a new website that I maintained and updated. My duties included attending trials, reviewing transcripts and writing about my findings. I supervised the undergrad and grad students and edited their copy, photos, and video. I shot and edited stills and videos of inmate releases.



Journalist, Editor, Communications Consultant, and Public Relations. 

Professional experience includes years of journalism, editorial, and photojournalism for publications including The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pittsburgh City Paper, The Butler Eagle, La Dolce Vita, Atlantic Racquet Press, and many others.

Communication, public relations, press relations, and consultation for a variety of clients including Oxford Athletic Clubs and the United States Tennis Association, AMD, MS.



The Four Minute Men: Progenitors of Today’s Influencers. Southeastern Review of Journalism History. Recommended for Fall 2023 Publication.

Propaganda Pandemic: The Use of Misinformation and Disinformation to Obfuscate the Pandemics’ Impact. Florida Communication Association Journal. Fall 2022.

Government Regulators Were Late to the Vaping Party, and American Kids Started Without Them. Bravery Journal, Vol. 4. The University of North Carolina Pembroke’s College of Arts and Sciences digital journal of short-form scholarship.  Spring 2020.

“Exploration of Innovative Communication Approaches to Engage Consumers Through the Creation of Native Advertising.” Paper accepted for presentation at the Eastern Communication Association Convention, Baltimore, MD. April 2020.

“Sustaining (or Not Sustaining) Paper Student Media.”  A panel presentation at Carolinas Communication Association annual conference, Hilton Head, SC.  September 2019.

Opportunities for Diversity & Inclusion in the Visual Communication Classroom. A Teaching Panel Session. Paper accepted. Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication Conference, Toronto, Canada. August 2019. 

A Productive and Ethical Usage of Social Media in a Converged Media Environment: A Look at the Work of Student Journalists During Hurricane Florence. Paper accepted. Eastern Communication Association Annual Convention, Providence, RI. April 2019.

The Evolution of “Blackface” and Black Stereotypes in American Culture and Mass Media. Presiding/Panelist. 44th AEJMC Southeast Colloquium, Columbia, S.C. March 2019. 

“G.I.F.T.S. for Corporate Communication: Cultivation, Culture, and Tolerance.” My “Fake News” media literacy presentation was part of a panel for the Florida Communication Association’s 88th Annual Convention, Lake Buena Vista, Fla. October 20, 2018.

I Am Not a Dingo: The Evolution of Fake News and Truthiness to Satirical Exposition. Florida Communication Association 2017 Conference, Walt Disney Resort, FL. October 2017.

Parasocial Bereavement: Where do they turn when their soap opera friends depart? Florida Communication Journal. Volume 45 No. 1, Spring 2017. This research found that some soap opera viewers experience a deep Parasocial Bereavement when their programs are permanently canceled.

Social Media-Driven Propaganda: In the Crosshairs of the Black Flag. The Journal of Communication Media Studies published in Fall 2015. This publication discusses the ongoing social media propaganda battle between ISIS and the U.S. government.

From Hope and Change to Anger and Anxiety: Demagoguery and Discourse in the 2016 Primary Elections. National Communication Association (NCA) Individual presentation on a panel entitled “The 2016 Political Campaign Discourse of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump: A Rhetoric of Negative Partisanship. National Communication Convention, Philadelphia, Pa., November 2016.

Power to the People: Crowdsourcing and the Ascent of Machiavellian Ethics in Journalism. Individual presentation. Florida Communication Association 2016 Conference, Walt Disney Resort, FL. October 2016. Published in the Proceedings.

Gender in Business Magazines as Portrayed on the Covers of U.S. and Egyptian Business Magazines. Laurel Highlands Communications Conference, Indiana, Pa. April 2016. Group presentation. Published in the Proceedings of the LHCC.

The Impact of Bridging Social Capital on Select Populations. Panel Presentation. Laurel Highlands Communications Conference, Indiana, Pa. April 2015.

Social Media Propaganda Battle. Individual presentation. Laurel Highlands Communications Conference (LHCC), Indiana, Pa. April 2015.



Student Publications Board. Fall 2018 – present. UNC Pembroke. The Student Publications Board serves as the selection committee for the newspaper editor, the yearbook editor, and literary magazine editors, and serves as the arbitrator if censorship pressures arise and develops other roles which the Board deems proper. The Board does not, however, attempt to provide active oversight of the day-to-day workings of student publications.

The Academic Information Technology Committee. Fall 2023 – present. The Academic Information Technology Committee is a standing committee of the Faculty Senate. The committee represents Faculty interests in all matters relating to Information Technology and acts as the service owner for technology services and Information Technology Policy where the primary focus is on pedagogy, faculty research, and service. The committee will make recommendations to the Faculty Senate regarding the implementation, governance, or changes to these technology services. The Committee will recommend and engage in faculty centered activities to adopt key academic technologies. The Committee will also advise the CIO and the Senate on new technology initiatives and will evaluate and make recommendations concerning academic computing and information policies, standards, and procedures proposed or implemented by DoIT.

Rubric committee for SACS assessment in the Journalism track. University of North Carolina, Pembroke. May 2023.

Title IX Advisor training in the Sexual Harassment Resolution Process.

This training is an essential aspect of the investigating and adjudicating sexual harassment allegations.  The university must provide fairness and due process to all parties involved in a sexual harassment case. The 2020 Title IX Regulations mandate that both the Complainant and the Respondent have an Advisor, of their choosing, at their hearing.  The university’s Sexual Harassment Policy and Regulation go further and allows the parties to have an Advisor with them throughout the resolution process.  May 2021.

Reviewer for International Journal of Communication. The University of Southern California, Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, Los Angeles, Ca. 2022.

Rubric committee for SACS assessment in the Broadcasting track. University of North Carolina, Pembroke. May 2023.

Old Main Festival. April 25, 2023. Tabled with newspaper students at this annual event designed to give students and staff the opportunity to experience campus-related activities with family. April 2023.

Pembroke Day. The University of North Carolina, Pembroke. 2022, 2021, 2019, 2018. Community and campus outreach with the student newspaper staff.

North Carolina College Media Conference. The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, N.C. Mentored student newspaper staff and facilitated entry of their work into the competition. Attended awards ceremony where The Pine Needle student newspaper received a “Best of Show” and two staff members received honorable mentions. February 2022.

Admissions Open House. The University of North Carolina Pembroke. Opportunity for new students to learn about the Mass Communication department and the Pine Needle student newspaper. Fall 2018, Spring 2019, Spring 2021, Spring 2022, Fall 2022.

Train Tagging Photography Project. The University of North Carolina, Pembroke. 2022, 2023. I invited my students to capture images of train cars “tagged” by urban artists using various shots, lighting and techniques. We will prepare an exhibit and or publication.

Commencement Exercises. University of North Carolina, Pembroke. Led The Pine Needle staff in outreach and distribution of print copies of The Pine Needle newspaper. Assist in coverage of the event for the online PN slide show. May 2023, Dec. 2022, May 2022, Dec. 2021, May 2021.


Chairs’ Meeting. Attended as representative of the Mass Communication department. Reported to the department chair and colleagues. Sept 2021

Rubric committee for SACS assessment in the Journalism track. University of North Carolina, Pembroke. Spring 2021.

Major’s Meeting. Created presentation, welcomed students, answered their queries, and provided information on potential career paths in the Mass Communication major. Aug 2021

Associated Collegiate Press and College Media Association Fall National College Media Convention Reviewer. Online. Oct. 23, 2020. Critiqued and met with a student newspaper staff to provide suggestions and brainstorm concepts for growth.

Society of Environmental Journalists Reviewer. April – June 2020. Along with two colleagues, I evaluated 50 submission packages and selected the winners in the “Beat Reporting, Small Newsroom” category for the 2020 Award.

Rubric committee for SACS assessment in the Journalism track. University of North Carolina, Pembroke. Spring 2020.

North Carolina College Media Conference. East Carolina University, Greenville, N.C. Mentored student newspaper staff and facilitated entry of their work into the competition. Attended awards banquet where the staff members received two honorable mentions. February 2020.

Prospective Student Open House, University of North Carolina Pembroke. Fall of 2019. Worked with a colleague to manage the Mass Communication Department and the Pine Needle Newspaper tables. 

Media Literacy: The War on Fake News. Workshop. University of North Carolina Pembroke’s Citizen U, an initiative focused on civic learning and democratic engagement. November 2019.

Society of Environmental Journalists Reviewer. Ray Reece “Excellence in Environmental Journalism” Student Award category: A story or series on an environmental topic. All radio, TV, print and online publications published or aired by the original media outlet are eligible, including campus media, journalism produced during internships, and part-time jobs. Reviewed 53 submissions in conjunction with two others and established first, second, third and two honorable mentions.

Judge Campus Engagement and Leadership Awards, University of North Carolina, Pembroke. Spring 2019.

North Carolina Conference for College Media Students and Advisers. North Carolina A&T State University, Greensboro, N.C. February 2019. Mentored student newspaper staff and facilitated entry of their work into the competition. Attended awards banquet where the staff members received two honorable mentions.

Major’s Assembly Presenter. East Bladen High School Major Exploration Fair, College Advising Corps East Bladen High School, April 2019.

2019 AEJMC Midwinter Conference submissions’ reviewer. December 2018.

Student Newspaper Adviser. Fall 2018 – present. UNC Pembroke student newspaper adviser. Create job postings and contracts, Interview reporters, photographers and editors. Created a manual for students to use in class and during production process. Created InDesign tutorials and instructed on techniques. Team-building events. PR events and community interactions.

Nerd Out Student Organization Advisor, UNC Pembroke, Spring 2019.

Undergraduate Poster Competition Judge at the Florida Communication Association’s 88th Annual Convention, Lake Buena Vista, FL. October 2018.

Journalism Instructor for the Boy Scouts of America, Cape Fear Council “Merit Badge College.” University of North Carolina, Pembroke, NC 28372. October 2018.

Undergraduate Poster Competition Judge at the Florida Communication Association’s 86th Annual Convention, Lake Buena Vista, FL. October 2018.

Departmental Service 2018-19. Represented the department at the Curriculum Committee and the General Education Committee to help shepherd curriculum changes through the system.

Presenter at the annual UNCP Mass Communication Department’s Awards luncheon. UNCP. 2019-present.


Knight Center for Journalism.  “Advanced Digital Investigations. How reporters can dig into online information and sources.” Earned a Certificate for this five-week online course, June 12 -July 16, 2023.

AEJMC Webinar. “When Ethics and Technology Collide–Chat GPT What Every Media Educator Needs to Know.” May 2023

“Understanding Bail Reform.” Virtual seminar hosted by Rhema Bland, Ida B. Wells Society from Investigative Journalism. May 24.

Certificate in Online Teaching Excellence. The University of North Carolina Pembroke Office of Online Learning and the UNCP Teaching and Learning Center. February 2023, June 2020.

Camtasia Training. University of North Carolina Pembroke. Online synchronous training to record and share screens, join clips, edit videos, insert quizzes, and design interactive lessons. July 2021.

Ida B. Wells Society for Investigative Reporting, Hussman School of Journalism and Media
UNC-Chapel Hill. This 6-week certificate program encompassed theory, alignment, motivation, design and development, technology, software, assessments, quality, and accessibility.

January 19, 2021. Following the Money – Investigating the Paycheck Protection Program. February 1, 2021. Investigating Racial Inequity

October 23, 2019. Making a Mark

Ida B. Wells Society for Investigative Reporting, Hussman School of Journalism and Media
UNC-Chapel Hill. April – June 2020. This 8-week seminar on Investigative Reporting included online seminars:

Covering Covid-19 & Race

Sourcing 101; How to find investigations on your beat

Doing tough interviews

Paper Trails: Public Records

Elections in the age of COVID

Backgrounding; and Pitching & Managing Projects

Poynter News University. How to Effectively Teach Online. May 2020.

This self-directed course covered topics including: These guidelines provide a framework for how you can communicate with students virtually, in an efficient and effective manner. Establishing Netiquette; Conflict resolution; Teaching and learning tools; reshaping fieldwork, reimaging group work; and rethinking skills classes.

Poynter News University.  Investigative Reporting in the Wake of a Disaster. March 2020.

This webinar covered topics including: How to investigate post-disaster fraud; How to build trust in a beleaguered community; and how to cover a story that affects you directly.

Poynter News University. Freedom of Information and Your Right to Know. November 2019.

Course covered using the federal Freedom of Information Act to request information; Obtain public records and attend meetings under state-level Sunshine Laws; Using documents to drive your newsroom; how others have used FOIA to write better stories; and how to use the Web to find more information about FOIA laws in your state.

Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas, Building Bots for Journalism: Software You Talk With, February and March 2018.

This online asynchronous course instructs in the skills necessary to build a basic bot that you can text with, build an Alexa fact bot, a Facebook bot, and make an Alexa conversation bot using the Dexter platform along with the Dialogflow, Twilio, Airtable, and Amazon Developer Console services.

Poynter News University, Multimedia Basics Certificate Program, July 2016

This multimedia certificate from the Poynter Institute demonstrates a solid foundation in the essential journalism skills necessary to report and write on all platforms.

Poynter News University, Social Media Certificate Program, June 2014.

This certificate program included instruction and assessments in the following segments: Tumblr for Journalists: Best Practices and Strategies; Facebook for Reporting and Storytelling; Short Narrative Bursts: Social Media Writing; Social Media: Strategies and Tools for News; Advanced Twitter for Journalism; Understanding Social Media Tools and Techniques.

Toronto IRE Watchdog Workshop, Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada, 2013

Investigative Reporters and Editors conducted their watchdog workshop that in conjunction with the University and volunteers from the New York Times, the Canadian Broadcasting Company, University of Arizona and the University of Missouri. Using the Web and Social Media as an investigative tool, Hands-on Excel, Creating Fusion Tables, and Art of the Big Data Investigation.

Hootsuite Certification, Online training seminars, and testing. 2012

I earned the industry-recognized certification that demonstrates my expertise with the Hootsuite dashboard, and Social Media

Media Relations Training, United States Tennis Association, 70 West Red Oak Lane, White Plains, New York, 2005

This workshop featured sports communications expert Batt Johnson, who lectured, then recorded participants addressing hot-button issues. He critiqued our responses and provided techniques to accommodate the media. 



My byline has appeared in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette more than 250 times and hundreds of times in and various publications, including Pittsburgh City Paper (cover stories), The Butler Eagle(editor),,, La Dolce Vita (cover stories), Point Park News Service, Boomers, Atlantic Racquet Press, Tennis in the Burgh, Alpaca World, The Robesonian, Northern Connection and other publications and websites.

Natale, D.  “’The Diary of Anne Frank’ is more relevant than ever.” The Robesonian. September 2023.

Natale, D.  (Mass Communication) “Carolanne Marano and Jonathan Drahos Thrive in Theatre Pursuits.” The Robesonian. August 2023.

Natale, D. “Laurinburg-Maxton Airport: Poised for Extraordinary Growth.” The Robesonian. July 2023.

Natale, D. “Oxendine explores culture through leading role in ‘Strike at the Wind.’” The Robesonian. June 2023

Natale, D. “The Search for Live Entertainment in Robeson County.” The Robesonian. June 2023.

Natale, D. “Robeson Neighbors Q&A: Daniel Perdue, assistant director of fitness at UNCP.” The Robesonian. June 2023.

Natale, D. “Nancy Fields Strickland: Her unusual path to the Museum of the Southeast American Indian.” The Robesonian. June 2023

Natale, D. (2012). Compensating Wrongly Convicted., September 20, 2012

Natale, D. (2011). Philadelphia man freed as lying eyewitness recants: Don Ray Adams served almost 20 years before acquittal in 1990 double murder. September 1, 2011

Natale, D. (2004) Sharapova: Blond Bomber gets her start in Pittsburgh, USTA News, July 5, 2004

Natale, D. (2001) Battle Brews over e-sales: Kids find the next new place to buy smokes, Butler Eagle, May 13, 2001

Natale, D. (2001). House built for a King-size performance: Symphony finds a second home, Butler Eagle, May 6, 2001

Natale, D. (2001). Church plans to burn books, smash idols, Butler Eagle, March 22, 2001

Natale, D. (1999). Y2K Furor – Civil Defense Plans, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, December 29, 1999

Natale, D. (1998). Spreading the gospel of Justice and Law: A District Justice found that children like to talk about the law and court cases. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, February 4, 1998

Natale, D. (1997). Pennsylvania Gothic: Decades after being legally dumped legally, toxic wastes are sprouting up across the state, Pittsburgh City Paper, August 13 – 20, 1999

Natale, D. (1997). Sign of the Times: Ads growing on public school land, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, January 29, 1997

Natale, D. (1996). You’ve got a dump in Pennsylvania: The Keystone State is cleaning up in the import business, Pittsburgh City Paper, July 11-17, 1996


My photographs have appeared in a variety of print and online publications including:

Pittsburgh City Paper, The Herald-Standard, Whirl Magazine, Human Rights Coalition, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Atlantic Racquet Press, Metropolitan Magazine,, Northern Connection Magazine, Boomers Magazine, La Dolce Vita and On the Ball. Listed below are a few citations.

Natale, D. (2012, 2017). Innocence Institute Director Bill Moushey watches as Terrell Johnson holds his granddaughter. “Win at All Costs” Facebook Page and Podcast on Wrongful Convictions, 2017. The Globe, September 26, 2012.

Natale, D. (2013). Frontpage. David Munchinski: Motion to dismiss charges of double murder to

Natale, D. (2012). Terrell is free! Human Rights Coalition, December 31, 2012

Natale, D. (2011). Munchinski is escorted from the State Correctional Institution

Pittsburgh Friday,, October 2, 2011

Natale, D. (2005). Now Playing… Generation Next, Metropolitan Magazine, November/December 2005


Natale, D. (2015). “Way Up North in Dixie.” Radio Documentary.

Natale, D. (2015). “Not Everybody is Free” Radio and Television Public Service

Announcement. Interviews, treatment, script. Video PSA:

Radio PSA:

Natale, D. (2012). Heinz History Center Video Tour was used on the museum’s website.

Natale, D. (2013). “John Hanger Announces for 2014 Gubernatorial Race.” The Multimedia piece with an article, still photo, and video on Point Park News Service and the video on the John Hanger for Governor website.

Natale, D. (2013). Terrell Johnson wins freedom, all photos by Darlene W. Natale,

Natale, D. (2012) Immaculate Reception Video Story, Point Park News Service,


Writing, editing, and photography for newspapers, magazines, in-house publications, and websites. Native advertising content creation. Social Media management. Hootsuite Certified Professional. Multimedia including radio documentary, slideshows, PowerPoints, videos, video editing, advertising, and design work. Instruct Adobe InDesign and Photoshop for newspaper production. Desktop Publishing. Flyers, newsletters, brochures, posters, magazines, signs, banners, and posters. Mobile reporting applications including Videolicious.

Corporate Communication/Public Relations/Media Relations. Press Releases, Newsletters, production of features for use as native content, and spokesperson services.

Software experience includes Amicus legal, and Microsoft programs, Audacity, Adobe applications including Photoshop, InDesign, and Acrobat. Basic HTML, WordPress, SPSS, and FinalCut Pro. Mac and PC Proficiency.


American Journalism Historians Association 

National Association of Press Photographers. Durham, N.C.

Investigative Reporters and Editors, Columbia, Missouri

The Society of Professional Journalists, Indianapolis, Indiana

Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, Columbia, S.C.





The Winners advanced to the National Competition

Corbin Gwaltney Award for Best All-Around Student Newspaper (Small) Finalist: The Pine Needle — by staff and Managing Editor Anayah Peterson. The Pine Needle Homecoming Issue. May 6, 2021 Spring Compilation.

General News Photography (small schools) Mahala Treish winner. March Honors Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

Alyssa Hernandez, finalist. Vanilla Ice Homecoming Show

Zachary Young, finalist. Native Youth Roadside Cleanup

Sports Photography (small schools).  Andrew Thrift winner. National finalist. UNCP Military Appreciation at Football

Andrew Thrift, Finalist. UNCP Soccer Alexis Pittman.

Andrew Thrift, Finalist. UNCP Basketball.

General Reporting (small schools). Zachary Young, finalist. Town of Pembroke Awarded 5.2 Million DoT grant

Sports Writing (small schools). Mahala Treish, finalist.



– Outstanding Sports Photography Andrew Thrift for Alexis Pittman soccer photo



2019-2020 Awards for Reporting on the Environment. The World’s largest and most comprehensive environmental journalism competition.

3rd Place “Hurricanes Spawn a Flood of Problems.” Jessica Horne, Tyana Morris Emberton, Alex Smith, Sadira Bacchus and Jonathan Miller.


2020 AMERICAN SCHOLASTIC PRESS ASSOCIATION Scholastic Newspaper Awards. Category Colleges and universities enrollment over 2,501:  2nd Place


2019 NORTH CAROLINA COLLEGE MEDIA ASSOCIATION. Statewide College Media Awards. Large Campuses over 6,800:

–  Honorable mention in Sports Writing “Braves Track Club’s Second Anniversary.”

– 3rd Place for Single- or Two-Page Design “Hurricanes Spawn a Flood of Problems.”

– Honorable Mention for Single- or Two-Page Design “Who did it? PAC hosts Murder Mystery Dinner.”


2018 NORTH CAROLINA COLLEGE MEDIA ASSOCIATION.  Statewide College Media Awards. Large Campuses over 6,800:

– Honorable Mention Illustration/ Graphic “Parks’ Punts.”

– Honorable Mention “Faculty Respond to Mary Livermore’s Removal of Resources.”












































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